Real Mom. What does that mean anyway?

There are a ton of really great mom blogs out there today. They have everything from the city mom to the farm mom, the stay at home mom to the working mom, there are thousands of blogs to choose from. I knew that creating this new blog would be a labor of love.

What do I mean when I say Real Mom?

I mean honest mom. I will tell the truth about what it’s like for me to be a mom, I hope in doing so it will inspire others to lead their most honest life too.

So here it is, I am a mom and I am navigating a crazy life. I can’t handmake all my kids clothes, cut coupons, or bake cookies afterschool. I didn’t hand paint my kids rooms or even finish their baby books (gasp!!!). Sometimes I forget to put their jackets on, and on occasion I give in when I know I shouldn’t.

What I can do is get up every morning before my kids, and make them a delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch. I can sing and dance to silly songs with them in the living room until we drop. I can kiss the boo boo’s to heal the wounds. I can get out the stool and let them cook with me, even if it means that dinner will take twice as long, and the kitchen will be a complete mess. I can snuggle with them at night, and I can be there in the morning to talk about the wild adventures they had in their dreams the night before.

Long ago I decided for myself what it meant to be a real mom, an honest mom. I had to accept the things I could do, and let go of all the things that I couldn’t do. I am still learning along the way.

I am hoping that with all my trials and tribulations you will laugh with me, cry with me, and maybe learn from my mistakes and successes.

What I know.

I learned how to fill my life with family and good friends to help support me along the way.  I learned that mistakes lead to knowledge. I learned that yelling does NOTHING. I learned that no matter what, as long as my kids hear me say, “I love you” their world is alright. I learned that my mom does know a few things more than me.

Most importantly, I learned that being a mom was the best character building lesson given to me.

I hope you will follow my blog and get dirty with me 🙂



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